Welcome to Hattrick Scotland

Hattrick Scotland is the official tracker for the Scotland National and U20 teams on Hattrick.

By registering with us, you can have your Scottish players tracked by the national team scouts and managers, giving them the best possible information with which to choose players to call up.


Getting registered is easy, just click here and follow the instructions. What's more, once you've registered, you don't need to keep visiting to update your players - this is taken care of by automatic updates. However, it is still worth returning regularly to check if the scouts have left any notes for your players, which you might wish to respond to.

Hattrick CHPP

Access to your players' information is provided by Hattrick CHPP (Certified Hattrick Product Provider). This is a system which ensures your account on Hattrick is only accessible to yourself, but allows you to share, with your permission, certain information with external websites such as this one. Part of the registration process here involves having Hattrick create a special token with which we can then access the Scottish players in your account. Your Hattrick username and password is never required for any aspect of this website, or indeed any website other than Hattrick itself.

CHPP Status Confirmed

But I don't have any Scottish players!

That's fine! You can still register, and if you ever buy a Scottish player in the future, we'll be able to track it. You don't need to have a Scottish team either.

So what are you waiting on!?